Connie Rivera

“My love for chocolate chip cookies as a child started my education in sugar and baking. At my grandma’s side I would play with ingredients and oven temperatures to create the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie.”

With a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon, Connie loves creating spaces for the senses, for people to experience new thoughts and ideas with wonderful smells and colorful visions. After several years of working for an architecture firm her art and the precision of creating beautiful spaces took a new turn. Although landscapes and sugar art appear disconnected, both build on the principals of design, illuminating your senses, and artistic vision.

“I aspire to realize your dreams and produce each confection to celebrate your unique life in an extraordinary fashion.”

Sugar Wishes

Sugar Wishes is a cake studio that creates one-of-a-kind custom cakes! The decorated vision of your cake is only the beginning. Exquisite craftsmanship continues with delightful flavors and sound structure. Bring us details about your event and we’ll create the perfect cake for your celebration. Inspirations can come from any detail about your event — party theme, color scheme, invitation design, etc.

The magic begins with a complimentary cake tasting and design consultation where we listen to your vision and answer all your questions. This includes sampling freshly made cakes and savory buttercreams that will excite your taste buds. During the collaboration process we work with clients to ensure that each cake is a reflection of your unique celebration. On the day of your event we will carefully deliver and set up your cake to be picture perfect.

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