This easy, no-sculpt heart shaped cake will definitely WOO your beloved’s heart and their belly!

No template required, and I can guarantee you will have a symmetrical even heart shape ready to impress.


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Let’s get started!



Materials and Tools



Before getting started level your square cake and both 4″ round cakes to the same height.


Using a ruler, measure and cut two 4″x4″ squares.


Fit piping tip #12 on piping bag, and fill piping bag with buttercream.


Pipe buttercream over entire 4” square cake.


Place second 4” square cake on top of buttercream.



Using piping tip #12, pipe buttercream on one of the 4” round cakes.


Place second 4” round cake on top of buttercream.


Cut the filled 4” round cake in half.


Pipe some buttercream on the 10” round cake plate for the filled 4” square cake.


Place the 4” square cake near bottom half of cake plate with corner pointed toward edge of circle.


Pipe some buttercream near the center of the cake plate for each half of 4” round cake.


Place each half of round cake on either side of square cake.


Crumb coat the entire cake with buttercream.


Using #12 piping tip, cover entire top of cake with buttercream.


Smooth buttercream with icing spatula until top of cake is level.


Clean up excess buttercream around edge of cake.


Using a food grade stick (e.g. toothpick or skewer) draw 2 guidelines around sides of cake. The guide-lines should split the cake side into 3 equal parts.


With your remaining buttercream add pink food coloring and combine.


Prepare your piping bag with piping tip #21 and fill with pink buttercream.


Pipe rosettes within the drawn guidelines around cake. There should be three rows of rosettes.


Decorate cake with pink tea-roses, daisies, fondant bow, meringue or chocolate kisses. Or whatever your heart desires!!!


Sending you all lots of love!



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