I always think of embossed paper or fabric or animal hair as having texture but not buttercream.  And if you do think about buttercream texture it is the silky feeling that melts on your tongue not the visual texture that caused you to do a double take of the wedding cake you ate last week.

Was it really buttercream or spackle??

Yup, it was buttercream all right!!


Perfectly smoothed iced cakes are always impressive, but sometimes an elegant texture is the desired design element.  Buttercream ribbon is an eye catching technique that is a cinch.  Use it as a backdrop for decorations or let it be a delight on its own.

Two things are required to create this look-

1. An iced cake

2. An icing knife

This technique will work with any type of buttercream; American, Italian, Swiss Meringue, etc..  It will also work with chocolate ganache.



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