Who’s ready for some beauty and romance??

Roses aren’t only for bouquets anymore. They can be added as a creative touch to any gift- you with roses adorning your hair or arranged on a sweet cake.

And these roses don’t necessarily have to be red, mind you.  Whether decorating a cake for Mom’s birthday or for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day this easy artistry will always bring elegant style… and warm fuzzies.

flower prep tutorial, cake decorating tutorial

Now, you may be feeling unsure about whether to insert raw stems into a cake.

Even though there are several flowers that are edible and perfectly safe to mix with food, and even though we would love to look up every plant and flower in our personal botanical library, you really REALLY want to get to the decorating and celebrating.  Who doesn’t?? I know I would 🙂  Rest assured there’s a safe, worry-free method to prepare your flowers.

Find out the How-To here

Get Creative!!

Tips and Tricks:

After the celebration is over and only cake crumbs are left, be sure the snip off the ends of the taped stems and place the flowers in water.

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