If you’re in a pinch make Pinch Roses!!

Corny humor …I know. But I couldn’t help myself 🙂  This flower is one of my favorite things to make and is perfect for any occasion.


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The best thing about these sweet blooms, besides their beauty, is that YOU can make them wherever YOU are.  All you need is your fingers and some fondant.

Gumpaste or modeling chocolate will also work wonderfully.



Several years ago my husband and I had moved overseas to a small island on the west side of the Pacific, and living out of our suitcases.  While we waited for our shipment of furniture… and all things that don’t fit in checked luggage… one of our new neighbors needed a birthday cake for her daughter.

Believe it or not there was a small baking and decorating shop on the island!  And they had fondant!!  Employing some tricks with textured buttercream and a spoon (a tutorial coming soon), and this fabulous pinch technique to create roses I was able to make a fun and elegant cake for my neighbor’s celebration.

Whether a single rose or a bountiful bouquet you will knock the socks off your guests with these fun petals complimenting your delicious confectionary treats.


Tips and Tricks:

If the fondant is sticky use a little powder sugar or corn starch on your finger tips.

If the fondant petals are not sticking together use a dab of water as an adhesive.

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