Easy and impressive! This buttercream technique will knock your socks off.

With cake as your canvas let your creative juices flow.

There is no right or wrong way to this process.

Unique color combos and textures will surprise you each time this fun and creative decorating method is applied.



I use to watch Chopped on the Food Network religiously.  I think I’ve written about this before but man… does it bring forth ideas and creativity.

In one episode the ingredients were leftovers; some from last night’s dinner, some were the last scraps left at the bottom of a jar. It was a nail biter watching the judges taste the completed dishes.

A few months after seeing this episode I decided to give it a go with my own leftovers. Several containers with different colored buttercreams were piling up in my fridge.  I save everything, even a tablespoon of leftover frosting.

Knowing each color would never be enough to completely frost a cake I decided to experiment for an upcoming cake competition. As promised, the outcome was a fun and delightful surprise!

This tutorial demonstrates the process on a single tier of cake, but imagine a 3-tier cake adorned with flowers or different types of foliage or sea creatures?!?!

Print Watercolor Buttercream Instructions


materials for watercolor buttercream tutorialMaterials and Tools


This technique works best on cakes covered in fondant, ganache, modeling chocolate or buttercream.

If your cake is prepared with buttercream be sure it is completely chilled and the buttercream is stiff.

You can also apply this technique to cakes that are only crumb coated.

Before beginning, place a non-slip square between your cake plate and the turntable.


spreading one color of buttercream1. Using your icing knife, spread one color of buttercream around cake randomly.


first scraping of one color of buttercream.2. Using your scraper, very gently drag it around the cake. Do not apply too much pressure. Go around the cake until you’re satisfied with the look.

At this point you can see a “sky with clouds” design emerging… if your buttercream is light blue.  This might be the effect you want to achieve. If so, congratulations! Add some birds or balloons and… viola!


prepared cake, two colors of buttercream3. Continue adding the remaining colors of buttercream with your icing knife.


adding pink buttercream4. Add the buttercream wherever you like until you are satisfied with the color combination.


adding green buttercream to cake5. There is no right or wrong way to this process.


adding dark blue buttercream with icing knife6. Be Creative!!


first scraping with 4 colors of buttercream7. With scraper, gently drag it around the cake again.


2nd pic of scraping with 4 colors of buttercream8. Drag your scraper very slowly applying light pressure. The colors will start to bleed together.


smoothing buttercream with scraper9. Go around the cake with scraper until most of the buttercream has a smooth finish.


cleaning scraper10. At this point, clean the buttercream off your scraper.


close up of buttercream11. There might still be some un-smooth areas.


adding more buttercream12. With your icing knife, fill in these areas using any combination of your buttercream colors.


third scraping after filling in13. Once again, slowly drag your scraper around the cake.


continuing final scraping14. As you drag your scraper around the cake apply pressure as    needed for a smooth finish.


last pic of smoothing15. Go around cake until you’re satisfied with the blended    composition.

Feel free to repeat steps 11 – 15 as many times as needed.


final beauty shotShow off your finished cake on a pedestal!


I’m excited to see your creations.

Share pictures with us in the comments.

With love and confection,


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